Good morning (although by the time I get this done it may be evening!) 

Quarantine day approximately 40 for this family, but it feels like 1mm. Kids are insane and I am shot, but we have to remember that during this quarantine we have to stay healthy and active. We can’t let the couch potato mindset take over!

Try to make sure your quarantine breakfast includes some fruits and veggies and if you can try some Isagenix, why not!?  It keeps me going!!  

During this time I make sure to take my Ionix and Immunity. The Ionix helps my mood(s) <ha!> and the Immunity is a definite 👍🏼 with all who are getting sick at this time.

Don’t forget to feed the little ones some healthy stuff too!  It is always easier to just throw them a pop tart or a frozen pancake (one of mine eats them frozen!! Hahah), but they need to stay healthy and alert too!  I like to sneak some Immunity into their morning orange juice. As long as I mix it well they have no idea it’s even there. If I don’t mix it well they tell me there is pulp in it! Hahaha no flavor tastes just texture!

(PS – real mom issues – while trying to type this there is a royal rumble occurring upstairs.  Good luck everyone, apart together we can make it through this).

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