quarantine puppy…

We have become part of the quarantine puppy purchasing fad that has hit our area!  We were trying for about 3 weeks; applying for this puppy or that puppy from several different local shelters and adoption agencies.  It was as if it was Black Friday with puppy adoptions, as puppies were coming on and off adoption availability lists so quickly! But FINALLY, our day had come and I received a call from one of the agencies where they had received 3 mixed breed puppies; 2 boys, and 1 girl.  I could not believe it, we were all so excited!  After the phone interviews and our one in-person meeting; we were notified that we passed the formalities and would be able to pick up our little furball!  The kids were thrilled!

We brought our little “Copper” home on July 27th, 2020.  He was nervous and excited all wrapped in mostly black and some white fur! His whip-like tail was moving a mile a minute and he licked every square inch of my face as I carried him to the car to head home!  The whole whapping 7 pounds of him brought such a warmth to our family that it probably could have been felt for miles. 

As we drove him home he nestled in my lap and peed.  YUP! you read that right, he peed in my lap! HA! But one look into those big brown eyes and he was forgiven.  We got him and home he settled in quite well.   Keep posted for updates on our pup as the months go by! (and yes, I am starting this late!!)








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