Moving Out of State Part I

To move or not to move? That is the question….

I am sure many of you have thought of just picking up and moving, right? Well, my husband and I have made it our reality. 

Both of us were born and raised in the great state of New York.  I am not a New York City, New Yorker, but I still feel like a “New Yorker.”  I wear a lot of dark clothing, I guess some might say I seem slightly unapproachable, and I am not one to just strike up a conversation with a stranger… More of a wallflower if you will.  But all this aside, I currently do not hold employment, my husband will soon be retired, and our children are young.

Even though New York has so much to offer its residents, it has become overcrowded, very expensive and a “Keeping up with the Jones'” culture.  A rat race, if you will.  So the question truly stands, to move or not to move?

So, with a wife who doesn’t work, a husband who is substantially younger than one should be to officially retire, and two children under the age of 6, why not?

There are many things to think about when you are thinking of moving, especially moving out of state.  The things I asked myself were; is it financially worth it? is it going to be better off for our family dynamic? and how far is too far from extended family? 

We took many trips over approximately three years; some by plane and some towing our travel trailer, to get ideas of areas.  It took a lot of traveling and soul searching for us to find somewhere we thought we could settle down.  Something with fewer taxes and more of a work-life balance.  More bang for your buck sort of state. 

We wanted to make sure that the area was family-oriented.  A mix between up and coming but still a small-town feel.  And while we are a pretty active family, we wanted to make sure the climate would provide us more time outdoors than we currently had in NY. 

And while we would all like to believe moving only has to do with your immediate household, we all know that isn’t true.  Of course, there is the extended family to think about.  So we didn’t want to move too far that they wouldn’t travel to visit or in a location too hot that they wouldn’t want to come and we couldn’t enjoy the outdoors.  

As mentioned we have family that we would visit.  A lot of our family members objected to the thought of us moving out of state and not within the tri-state area.  It took some convincing and a guest room in our new house for them to understand, <HA!>, but all in all, they understood. 

A good family always sticks by and whether they agree wholeheartedly or not, you know they will support you and your decisions.