Moving out of state part II

To move or not to move? That is the question…

After about 25 houses in South Carolina and North Carolina, we finally found our calling in a newly developed area that was just perfect in North Carolina!!!  New homes being built as we toured the properties, a pool and kid’s splash area, a gym, and even a coffee bar! I was in HEAVEN! 

 So deciding to move is one thing, actually moving is a completely different thing!  As mentioned we did a lot of looking, approximately three years worth of looking.  My husband would spend hours on the computer sending me information about towns, and of course, I would continue to find reasons as to why it was no good for us.  The poor guy would try so hard to show me these beautiful houses and say; ‘this could be us’, and I would turn around and say, ‘but the front door opens to the right and I prefer to the left’.  HAHA Ok, Ok, I wasn’t that ridiculous, but you get the drift!  

I couldn’t believe that he was actually able to pick up and move out of state like that.  But then as time was nearing that he would be retiring, I started to realize how serious he was about it.  

As the saying goes, ‘things happen for a reason’, things do happen for a reason.  On one of our many trips to South Carolina, we were cruising around and happen to come across an open house, so we went in.  The house was not what we were looking for, but it ended up not being a wasted trip; here we found the sweetest real estate agent.   

This woman would take time out of her already busy schedule to show us 6 to 7 houses a day since we were not local.  She would get us into houses if we just happen to come across them while walking through another house.  She was so accommodating.  

For about 2 months we did everything she could to help us, whether we were in New York or in South Carolina.  Even to the extent of going to houses for us and recording herself walking through as if giving us the tour. 

We saw several houses, most with pretty much the same layout, but we were being outbid before we could even finalize our numbers!  It was as if we hit the jackpot of complexes and people knew it! So if a house went on the market, it quickly came off!!  We had put multiple offers in on multiple houses, continuously either being outbid or out-negotiated. 

With us being back in New York, we knew we would have to take another trip down and as most of you know, flying and hotel accommodations for a family of four doesn’t come cheap.  We were very quickly racking up the credit card bills.  So again, things happen for a reason; all of a sudden, it was there, for sale, a house in our price range, in the neighborhood we wanted and pretty much the exact layout.  So, what would any sane person do?  Of course, without even taking one walkthrough we put a bid of asking price! 

Some would call us crazy, but we just knew, this was it! 

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